4 thoughts on “United States – 2008 Expanded”

  1. Ive tried everything but this scenario WILL NOT work for me, a few other scenarios wont work either…but i really wanted to play this scenario as the updated 2008.

  2. yeah i tried this it is rigged you cant fundraise and you can barely campaign as a third party and always the Democrats win the election no matter what the Republicans will always lose this Scenario is rigged anyways

  3. I’ve had touble getting it to work, too. It says ( “Cannot open file “C\Program Files\ Prsident Forever 2008 + Primaries\ scenarios\ United States – 2008 Expanded\ scenario.xml”. The system cannot find the file specified. ) Then it says ( Access violation at address 0052279F in module ‘p4e.exe.’ Read of address 6E65675C. )

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