Abala – 1978

Prime Minister Forever – British Version

Author: GOP Progressive


Abala - 1978
Abala – 1978

“Abala is a Mediterranean island and a British dominion with roots stretching back to the Middle Ages.  It has a dual English and Abalese heritage, and has been a member of the Commonwealth since attaining independence in 1929.  The governing Progressive Conservatives have called a snap election to test the electoral waters- can the opposition parties knock out the “natural governing party?”

4 thoughts on “Abala – 1978”

  1. Nice scenario,I noticed some Maltese names in it.Is it possible that I may edit it,so I can adopt it as Malta?

  2. Thanks. Unfortunately, Abala ended as a simulation in 2009 and there will not be a follow-up.

    Feel free to edit my scenarios for your own purposes.

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