Win Favour with Labour – Career 1st Level

Prime Minister Forever – British Version

Author: Treasurer of the PC


Win Favour with Labour - Career 1st Level
Win Favour with Labour – Career 1st Level

“8 aspiring Labour party members feel they might be on the threshold of a major step forward in their political career. A chance has opened up to win over the party’s higher rank of councillors, MP’s, cabinet ministers and even the PM. All 8 are on a shortlist to run as a candidate in one of the many council elections to take place in England, later on this year. The winning participant will be one step closer to a full time career in politics. Explore around the various rooms, including the Boardroom, the Debating Room and the Central Control Desk is the top prize, where all the factors of what makes Labour a competent party of Government(in Gordon Brown’s words). Can you dazzle your fellow members with your attributes and knowledge?”

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