Blackpool Council Election – 2003

Prime Minister Forever – British Version

Author: Treasurer of the PC


Blackpool Council Election - 2003
Blackpool Council Election – 2003

“Blackpool, a popular seaside resort in north west England, has been Labour controlled since 1992, however despite it being billed as a holiday resort for the working classes these days, it has always had healthy pockets of Conservative support in it’s wealthy suburbs. However, some of the most deprived areas in Northern England lie in the south of the town. In the previous Council election in 2000, a Tory revival was much on cards as they gained 8 seats from Labour, however they still lie 8 seats behind Labour. The Lib Dems are hoping to replicate their previous performance, where they gained 1 seat. They hope to strengthen their strongholds and expand. Can the Tories fight back once again, or will Labour remain in total power of the council?”

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