Wales National Assembly – 2007

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Wales National Assembly - 2009
Wales National Assembly – 2007

“The ruling Welsh Labour party have lost their majority in the Welsh Assembly after one Labour AM left to become an independent. This was embarrassing for the party. The prospect of Lab-Plaid coalition looms in this election, as Labour’s popularity has dropped slowly but steadily.  Once the new term begins, the election winner(s) will have more powers in the Assembly than ever before, thanks to the Government of Wales Act 2006. Nationalist party Plaid Cymru, have complained the increased devolved powers don’t go far enough. After a disappointing 2005 General election, Plaid hope for better results. The Conservatives are on course to hurt Labour’s vote and for their best result since the Assembly began. Meanwhile, the Lib Dems are  looking stale as criticisms continue of their leader.”

3 thoughts on “Wales National Assembly – 2007”

  1. its good, very accurate
    have you thaught about making one for UK 1992
    it was probably the most exiting campaign in modern british elections and a close faught affair
    if you need a hand, im the super nerd on this thing

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